Buildingdamages and Avoiding Buildingdamages

There is a lot of arguing around buildingdamages, because clearance will always cost much effort and money. Your building is yet to be erected and you want to avoid damages? After 30 years you had to realize, that the roof is leaking ? Well, here you are right, the trouble is controllable. We will help you to get good advice and the right action.
In an economic field assessing the building fabric will leed to prove the due diligance and is one of the major points of planning an investment.
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Buildingdamages in buildings under construction

You are going to build a new building and you want to be sure, that your house will be built like it has been planned and promised?
Use our expertise and experience. That's, what we can do for you:

  • Checking technical documents and specifications for the tendering procedure
  • Quality-Controls on the site
  • Participating to acceptance stages
  • Rapporting and documentation

Buildingdamages in existing buildings

You like to buy an object and you are afraid of damages? We will accompany you with your on-site-visits.

  • Checking documents
  • Checking the visible aspects of the object
  • Asking special experts in case of presumed pollution
  • Calculating additional costs

Fact-finding Buildingdamages

Cracks in a recently erected building? Mold in the corners? Leaking flat roofs?
Verified findings and ascertainments by an independent experts, will help to calm down parties. Fact-finding is the basis for every agreement. In many cases legal proceedings can be avoided.

  • Fact-finding
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Calculation of costs
  • Presentation to owners and property managers

Maintainance Programs

Facility management is based on information, that has been prepared before. In Germany, in many cases these informationen are not given. This is due to the fact, that technical management hasn't been regarded useful in the past. We will create a fundament for work.

  • Digitalizing of existing plans
  • Creating overviews
  • Creating files
  • Creating maintainance programs


Decisions on the execution of investments are based on a comparation of costs and benefits. Generally speaking in an existing building investments in renovation can't be avoided in case of damage. But an analysis may leed to the result, that abolition and new construction is more reasonable.
Things are different concerning the decision to buy an object. In this case, it has to be cleared before, whether the targets of the investment can be reached and what additional costs may rise.

  • Due Diligence and feasebility studies
  • Checking remaining lifetime of the building
  • Calculation of costs
  • Reporting, documentation, presentation